About Ice Fractal

Ice Fractal is my personal website where I post my fun projects, for everyone to enjoy!

• Some are for entertainment, like my Mandelbrot Fractal Viewer. All the viewers I could find online were limited to WebGL's low-precision numbers, but I wanted to zoom way in, so I used some tricky math to make a viewer with about 100,000 times more zoom! (up to 1013)

(Click to Open the Viewer At The Snowflake)

• Some are tools, like my 3D math grapher:

• Some are games, like Tic-Tac-Toe.

• And I've written articles about most of these topics, like Bitwise Fractals, which describes how simple binary operations like x & y actually generate fractals! The equations are so simple that I discovered them by accident while playing with my 3D grapher.