Fractal Texture Generator

This online tool generates cloud fractals using the diamond-square algorithm. The generated fractals are seamless textures, meaning that you can tile the image as a smooth repeating pattern. Change the random seed to get a new pattern. Click "Generate!" to re-draw the fractal.

This software is free for both personal and business uses, and all images generated may be used without attribution.

The function boxes accept a math equation that is evaluated for every pixel of the image. (Click on a preset to see an example of how to use functions.) The intensity function can access the variables x, y, and i (i is the intensity of each pixel in the fractal). All variables are in the range [0, 1]. For each pixel, the intensity function is computed and the result is written back to i. The default function is "i", meaning that "i=i", so the fractal image is unchanged. The new i is provided for the RGB functions, along with the slope variables dx and dy. The result of each RGB function is written to the final image. You can use this program to just graph math equations if you leave "i" out of your intensity function (see the "Sphere" preset).

You can preview the textures in a 3D world on the screen at the bottom of the page.


3D Preview


To change one of the textures in the 3D scene, select its name in the "Edit Texture" menu, then generate a new fractal above. It will replace that texture in the 3D scene.

Click (or touch) and hold in the center of the 3D screen. Move up to go forward, down to go backward, left to turn left, and right to turn right.

3D Fractal Terrain

The intensity function of the texture is used to set the height of the terrain. The red, green, and blue functions are applied afterward.

Click and drag to rotate the graph. Hold shift to move the graph and Alt to zoom. On a touchscreen, use one finger to rotate the graph. Use two fingers to move the graph and pinch them to zoom.