Ice Fractals

These icy images are from the Mandelbrot set, at the bottom-left corner (near -0.4 - 0.64i).

Click on an image to go there in the Fractal Viewer, where you can zoom and look around!

Click on the download link under an image to save it to your computer. All of these images are free to use for any purpose, without attribution.

One Snowflake ⇓ Download     ⇓ Download 4K HD

Multiple Connected Snowflakes ⇓ Download

Icy Crystals ⇓ Download

Many Dark Snowflakes Going to Infinity ⇓ Download

Many Ice Crystals ⇓ Download

Thick Icy Snowflake ⇓ Download

Fluffy Snowflake ⇓ Download

Icicles ⇓ Download

Large Snowflake ⇓ Download

Trident Snowflake ⇓ Download

Many Snowflakes Going to Infinity ⇓ Download

Multiple Small Connected Snowflakes ⇓ Download