SHA-1 Hash Computer

A hash is a one-way function that compresses any amount of data into a fixed-length value (the hash). However, in a secure hash it's impossible to reverse the function and find data that gives you a specific hash (unless you get very lucky with a random guess). This one-way property makes hashes extremely useful. For example, you can check if a message has been tampered with by comparing it with its original hash. You can even store the hash with the message and still prove it hasn't been tampered with. By generating a secret random key for yourself and mixing it with the message when computing the hash, then the only way to get a matching hash is using your secret key!

Enter text in the box below and this tool will compute the SHA-1 hash and write it in the box underneath. The hash calculation is done in your web browser, so your data never leaves your computer. It is kept private.

You can also select or drag-and-drop files from your computer.

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