Password-Based Key Derivation

This tool derives a random password from a master password using a secure hash function (SHA-512: 2,000 times), which makes it infeasible to go in reverse and get the master password from the derived password, assuming your master password is strong.

You can also make a tiny change in the master password, like adding "1" at the end, and the derived password will be completely different and just as strong. Even if you only make tiny changes to each master password, the secure hash function makes it impossible to undo that change or make other tiny changes, thus making every derived password unique and random when compared to each other!

For example, if your master password is
Play Tree The Small Cactus Butter
The derived password is:

But if you just add 1 to the end:
Play Tree The Small Cactus Butter1
The derived password is totally different:

You can use this tool to derive passwords for multiple websites using one strong master password and adding something simple for each one, like the name of each site. This way, you only need to remember one password! (And there's no risk of a password vault being hacked.)

For security, this tool performs the password derivation in your browser, so your data never leaves your computer. Click here to download an offline version of this tool, which is even more secure than loading a webpage.


The derived password is guaranteed to have at least 2 uppercase letters, 2 lowercase letters, 2 numbers, and 2 symbols.